Even This Counts

Mind is busy.
Class tonight.
Baby’s napping.
Money’s tight.
Any minute
She’ll wake up
Scarf down breakfast
Pour another cup
Can I coach
Other mamas
Can we elect
Barack Obama
Made eggs & toast
For my friend Miv
Her daughter died
Felt good to give
Can she help others
Beyond their grief
When some days
She gets no relief
And how can women
Who need self-care
Make time for something
That isn’t there
And how can I
Get out of my way
Take a deep breath
Make a survey
Survey says
Like Family Feud
What are your needs
What are your moods
Busy mind
Cloudy grey
Class tonight
Lame-ass stray writing
Even this counts though
Taking time
I’m sitting down
To make cheap rhymes
Judging myself
Thinking too much
Blow it away
Have a light touch
Baby’s napping
Juke’s at my feet
I’m the one
I have yet to greet
Husband’s away
Earning some dough
Being all busy
Is not our M.O.
We like having down time
Together, alone
Walk down to Viva
For a strong espresso
All of this worry
Is not what it seems
This is having it all
I am living the dream

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