Happy Snap Haikus

When the viscosity of your brain feels – as mine often does these days – like that of blackstrap molasses, five or seven syllables at a time might be just the speed you need.

I have a client whose coaching homework between our sessions is to write a daily haiku. Indeed, this is such a great form for checking in with yourself when your time or creativity feels limited. They are like word versions of what my photographer sister calls “happy snaps.”

Quick Storms. Ocean squalls.
Weather moods like the weather:
Family dynamics.

Ah, caffeination!
Drop kids off at school,
Monday morning vacation.

UVM today:
Recent college grads freak out.
I tell them to breathe.

endless cycle of sickness.
Blame kids in daycare.

Husband hangs laundry.
Blades of grass in underpants.
Nature intersects.

Moments, dominoes
cascading each into each:
becoming a life.

Get out from behind
your computer screen prison.
Weird age we live in.

It takes a village,
the village we all long for.
You watch kids; I’ll cook.

Have a nice day, hear?
Always nice to see you, friend.
Be good to yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Snap Haikus

  1. Anonymous says:

    jenn, you always parallel what i am feeling, thinking, struggling with, and laughing about! i love you! xoxox -your sun child



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