Get Down

File under, “Lest we get too serious.” Your homework assignment for today is to turn up the volume & dance around the house (or empty hotel, as the case may be for Christopher Walken). And if you’re so inclined, share with the rest of us your song of choice.

Aviva’s hand-downs couch-jumping music is Pearl Jam’s “Alive.” Greg gets down with mop & broom to Beck (“Christmas with Heather, freaks flock together…”).

Me? During services on Wednesday night, I leaned over and whispered to Greg, “I think I’m officially a Jew Bu.” (or is it Bu Jew?) But here’s the thing: I’m also an unabashed U2 worshiper. Cranking the “Mission Impossible” theme song lightens me up, dancing to “Yahweh” quiets me down. Really anything Bono will do.

Hmm… Do you think I might be a “U2 Jew Bu”?

One thought on “Get Down

  1. Jennifer Aulisi says:

    I liked the Christopher Walken video. Though, it makes you wonder how much he really did on his own and no I’m not talking about the part where he flew! I’m wondering if he did all those jumps and flips on his own. Well, the only song that I ever “rocked” out to in my house is “Celebration”. Yeah, it’s an oldie by a goodie!!

    Jenn Aulisi



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