Me! Me!

Well, I’ve been tagged for a MeMe and am apparently responsible for writing “Seven Random Things” about myself. The tagger is SheShe, who I’ve gotten to know over the past year or so. She actually asked my permission before tagging me, which was very considerate.

1. I am completely blog ignorant. Just what is a MeMe and do I even care? Do I now have to “tag” some other bloggers? Do I personally know any other bloggers? I can only think of one, our good friend Eric out in Seattle (and the family buick). Is there a right way to blog? Is this a waste of time? I have no answers.

2. I am nostalgic for the days before email and the internet. I think a lot about my college years, early ’90s, when there was still something scintillating about checking email at the computer lab on campus. I am convinced that without email and the internet, I’d spend a lot more time daydreaming, writing, playing piano, puttering, etc.

3. I smoked my last cigarette on June 15, 2005. I used to be what I refer to as a “back-alley smoker.” I still miss that alone time, breathing (sort of), writing in my journal, hiding out – no role to fill, no face to wear. But it’s also freeing not to be hiding something so big, or anything for that matter. Not to mention that I went for a run today and felt strong and fast.

4. The riskiest place I ever had sex was in a dressing room at Filene’s.

5. I was born with webbed, or “twin” toes. My middle sister named them and the name stuck. Both feet. It does not make me a strong swimmer, by the way.

6. I am addicted to creemees. Really. Mostly June-September. I am very discerning about the creaminess of the creemee. A tough customer. Also important to note is whether the sprinkles are sprinkled on with a spoon (not good), or the entire creemee is carefully rolled in a container of sprinkles (highly preferred method). The best creemee stand I’ve ever been to is in Wilmington, Vermont. The woman who owns it is amazing. I could go on and on about this. Until I married a Vermonter, I called it “soft serve.” Now I can put on a decent Vermont accent. Yut.

7. I fantasize about working with fabric. I go ga-ga when I’m surrounded, at the farmer’s market, say, by rich colors and soft textures. I totally admire people who knit, weave, sew, quilt, etc. Who make things. This is on my “someday” list. Except that I don’t have a “someday” list. Maybe I should make one. Am I done with my MeMe now? Does it just mean “Me! Me!“? Is blogging mere naval gazing? Where is the car and why do we exist? I’d better get back to work…

2 thoughts on “Me! Me!

  1. Susan Abell says:

    I thought about you yesterday when we were at Homeport… they have a soft ice cream maker there, and it has little compartments for mixing in sprinkles and whatnot.



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