Take This Heart

Listening to U2 – Yahweh – these words came and captured my mood today…

Take this heart
so good at beating
just let it beat
Stand on shore
looking out
the mother ocean stretching
like a mouth before us
We are all swimming here

Small like stars
in a cold, cold sky
bright holes in the blackness
Tiny figures walking ahead
walking ahead in the wet sand
Small, fragile people walking towards
the cold, cold water

Too cold to shine
Too cold to twinkle
Let these stars sleep
Let these figures stand like cut-outs
against the sea

One dimension against another
the earth orbiting
seas rolling relentlessly
seems this has always been my theme

Take care of your own heart
these were not my words
but you could crack open my ribcage
like a shell
and find a heart beating

Waves covering me
Salt, sand, sky, land
What else is there
on these treadmills, roads
to the same places
maybe someone’s arms

It is good to open your heart
It is good to close your heart
It is good to listen
to the water lapping at the shore
crashing on the shore
the ocean before me
swallowing me like a mouth
always hungry, hungry for more
swallowing pain, swallowing joy,

Look at these paper dolls
silhouetted against December sky
a cold wind could blow them
a dark wave could wash them away
but I will still call their names

Pearls in the ocean
go inward
dive under
embrace the wave
can’t tell the surface from the floor
let it go
go into this darkness
go into this confusion
go into this sadness
go into this open heart
let it close around you
a safe cocoon

Stepping away from the cheery chorus
turn it up, some dissonance
This is not quietude
This is not peace
Peace is over there on that cold star,
far from here

So you wish
So you stand on the shore, back to the world
the ocean before you
vast, inviting, scary, complete

So you stand
on the shore
facing the terrifying darkness
Tears stream down
there is no difference between you
and the ocean and the sky
and the salt and the sea and the sand
and the body and the tears

You stand
open to breaking
You summon the waves
You are tiny
You are tiny
You are sand, you are salt
You are holy, holy
in this cold, this dark, this night, this ocean

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