A Fine Space

As Pearl slept on me after a long fuss this afternoon, I read a few pages in Sue Monk Kidd’s Firstlight. This passage really got me. Or rather, I got it:

Someone pointed out to me that the words now, here, and nowhere have the same arrangement of letters, but differ when a small space is inserted. Likewise a fine space separates us from experiencing our life as nowhere or now here.

Attentiveness is entering fully the moment you are currently in, no matter how hassling or mundane, and simply being present with it.

A small space, a fine space. A breath. Seems everyone’s blogging/reading/writing/talking about breathing these days, and it’s no wonder. It’s what creates the difference between nowhere and now, here. Sue Monk Kidd also writes that the Chinese pictograph for busyness is “heart-killing.” Such a violent image.

I realized today that if I did 10 minutes of yoga a day, that would be five hours a month, equivalent to a weekly class.

May 2008 bring you many small and fine spaces.

May 2008 bring you long, boring stretches when you space out and accomplish nothing.

May 2008 bring you the sheer mundanity you long for in times of upheaval.

May 2008 bring good smells to your nostrils, warm food to your belly, beautiful images to your eyes, healing touches to your body, and sweet peace to your heart.

The divine, dream-filled, human in me sees the limitless spirit of love in you.

10 thoughts on “A Fine Space

  1. bella says:

    Sue Monk Kid has often spoken deeply to me. thank-you for sharing her words here. A perfect little pause.
    Little spaces, “small” moments, letting go of performance and achievement and endless doing is, what I believe, we all long for.
    I mirror back to you your own limitless spirit of love.


  2. Meg says:

    Ah, what a beautiful passage. This is perfect, just perfect.
    I love the image of the little space as a breath–the breathe that makes all the difference.
    blessings to you in 2008.


  3. Jennifer/The Word Cellar says:

    I once saw a sign made of big block letters in a restaurant window. The way the letters fell within the windows made the sign read:


    I wondered why they had to warn patrons against “whiring” (or “whirring” as I assumed it meant).

    Someone had to point out that it said: “NOW HIRING.”

    Little space, huge difference.

    Thanks for sharing this insight in a more poignant way.


  4. Lisa says:

    Wonderful post! I will soak up all of your wishes for the New Year. (I spent 10.5 hours in our warm, cozy flannel sheets last night while it was less than 10 degrees outside!)

    Thank you for sharing your blog site with me. I’m sure it will be one of my new favorites :-)

    Of course, you may link my nerdy renegade musings. Thanks!




  5. lahdeedah says:

    Hey Jena,

    I’m so behind, I keep responding to your older posts :)

    I loved your friend Jennifer’s story. I thought the phrase was misspelled and was supposed to read “no whining.” That’s my mantra for 2008. Of one of them…

    I love the idea of a small space, a breath, and the difference between nowhere and now here. I haven’t read Sue Monk Kid in a long time. I plan to pick up her book today.

    Hope you’ve been well and happy! And thanks for your elegant, relevant posts.



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