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When you feel stuck
get up and spin
when your head is spinning
spin your body
when you’re about to yell at your kids
everybody spin around
three times at least
when there’s nothing for dinner
when you’re on the edge
of your seat
of your sanity
of your faith
of your bank account

you are a planet
you are in motion
this is your orbit
then find your still point
and let the spinning surround you
while you rest
under an endless sky…

The world is yours, the world is mine!

P.S. The music in the background here is Elizabeth’s Mitchell CD, You Are My Little Bird. It caught my eye at the library last week and I’m loving it.

7 thoughts on “Spin

  1. Jena Strong says:

    Karen – I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for the perspective – I like it!

    Shelli – fun to share.

    Shawn – Yeah, those girl moments are good ones. You must be a very skilled spinner!

    Mika – I don’t know. Why don’t you?

    Lil – Yep.



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