Go Ahead, Live a Little

Well, I wrote down the names, placed them in Greg’s Lander Bar hat, and picked one with my eyes closed. Mazel tov to KJ of California over at eye-dyllic, winner of a free coaching session with me.

To everyone else who was kind enough to leave a comment on Lucy and You, I say this: If you could use some solid footing, a good listening to, a nudge or a push or a mirror or a cheer, if you need to carve out some time to get clearer on what you want, what you’re up to, why you’re here or simply how you are, I would love to talk with you.

I invite you to contact me at jena(at)strongcoaching(dot)com to talk about whether coaching might be just what the doctor ordered. (Or is that the Mardi Gras fairy? Come on, put on your beads and live a little…)

4 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Live a Little

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jena, thanks for the invite for your help…this is so generous of you,really. I need to think about it…deer in headlights thing…




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