Haiku Mama

Rug burn on her nose
Sure, flesh grows back (doesn’t it?)
My little bruiser

Balloon with no string
Parking lots screams heard for miles
Gotta love parties

Outside thaw, inside
Basement becomes wading pool
That’ll cost how much?

We live by leaping
Seems to be working for us
As long as we breathe

Gawking at Oscars
I touched the baby’s elbow
Beautiful belly

Something about this
Slowing down haiku music
Brings back the blessings

Full life, busy life
Awake at four forty-five
Oatmeal in the dark

Aviva, fearless
Climbs the ladder in pigtails
Turns back, smiles at me

UVM senior
Met me once four years ago
Said I changed her life

Five hours sleep last night
At dusk my brain gets fuzzy
Time to go shopping

See you later, friends
Thanks for being, there and here
You know, you’re just right

Inspired by Haiku Mama (because 17 syllables is all you have time to read)

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