The Heart Just Beats

The heart just beats.

The mind churns, changes, races, reacts, leaps and bounds and boomerangs. But the heart just beats.

The mind careens and croons and cries. The mind gets carried away. The mind tells stories morning, noon, and night. The heart just beats.

The mind craves and crashes. But the hearts just beats. The mind rocks and rolls, resists and reviles. The heart just beats.

The mind judges and shames, the mind invents and imagines. And the heart just beats.

The beating slows and speeds up, throbs and thumps. The heart just beats.

The mind tells lies and half-truths, distorts and labels. The heart tells the truth, one beat at a time. Can you hear it?

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12 thoughts on “The Heart Just Beats

  1. Shelli says:

    My father-in-law just had angioplasty. Three of his arteries were clogged. One at 95%. If he had not taken a bad fall last week, he would not have learned about this condition. He would have had a major heart attack very soon that would have killed him. So when I read this post of yours, I am hearing his heart. And thankful that he took that bad fall.


  2. RocketMom says:

    It is always there, like the background music in a restaurant or shopping mall. I can’t avoid it, but I often forget to tune in.

    Glad to listen today.


  3. bella says:

    I hear it, but only sometimes. The rest of the time, it is, quite honestly, drowned out by my thoughts, my mind, the voices of needs.
    Then, when I return, when I do hear, how sweet. Like coming home, the first sounds we hear inside our mother’s womb.


  4. Chloe says:

    I love this so much. It feels very steady. Did you write it? I’ve never thought of this particular comparison before. It’s beautiful.


  5. Jena Strong says:

    Chloe – yes, I wrote it.

    I love these comments, so appreciate the different insights you all have. The breath, the womb, the mall, the conflict, the blessings in disguise.



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