Morning run, saying thanks

For lovemaking as a form of prayer
and prayer as a form of making love

For blue eyes more beautiful
than any doll or angel, wise beyond

and deep as oceans, moon-wide rainbows
regulating crescent tides

For my sister, two days shy of forty
Turns out she’s an Aries, not a Pisces
(This changes everything and nothing,
she’ll keep her mermaid collection)
Her name Neptune’s fifth moon, born of the sea

And for my other Aries sister
who will gallop all the way to Jerusalem
recounting her own journey
out of Egypt, her whole life determined
to find her way home

For the freedom of strong legs and long strides
the company of a shadow, a self

and for the permission the sky gives
to change, brood, bright and dark and hopeful

For steadiness of hand and heart
A family, a constellation of sand and stars

For Bobo, who found us and stayed
a gentle force of nature all his own, taking his place

And for joy, a smile, my own wind-blown,
sun-kissed lines recording the story even as it unfolds

12 thoughts on “Morning run, saying thanks

  1. bella says:

    “For lovemaking as a form of prayer
    and prayer as a form of making love”
    Oh these words gave me little shivers.
    It is how I’ve been feeling lately. Soon I will have words for it. These of yours are a beginning. This interconnected of all things, sacred and earthy, of entering and engaging this world, and everything in it, as a lover, the beloved.
    I loved your poem, and its fun to get to see pics of YOU. :) I want more!


  2. **camera shy momma** says:

    what wonderful words and photos!! “this changes everything and nothing”…

    ~meredith (double pisces, moon and sun)


  3. Meg Casey says:

    Wow Jena–I am in awe. Like Bella I felt shivers upon reading those opening lines. I went back and read them over and over. Just beautiful. A perfect prayer. Thanks.



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