“I wish we were still in Vieques.”
“Yeah, it’s pretty nice there, huh?”
“But we are where we are.”

That’s my girl. That’s my teacher.

7 thoughts on “Quotable

  1. bella says:

    don’t you just love it when they give us back our words, our own lives?
    She is stunning, by the way. as are you. :)
    love you.


  2. Jena Strong says:

    Ris & Chloe – thank you. It’s humbling.

    Karen – That couldn’t be more true!!

    Shelli – I debated about the picture – glad you like it…

    Bella – What to say? Thank you. And yes, I can’t help it – I think she is stunning, too.

    Love to all of you.


  3. PixieDust says:

    Because everything children believe comes from the heart… they are, indeed, the greatest teachers in the world…


    Love to you and your girl,



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