Two Slips

A friend sent me this video tonight. It immediately brought this quote to mind:

Keep two truths in your pocket and take them out according to the need of the moment. Let one be “For my sake the world was created.” And the other: “I am dust and ashes.”

Rabbi Simcha Bunam, to whom these words are usually attributed, was one of the rabbis of Przysucha (Yiddish: Pshiskha, pronounced Pe-shis-kha). They were less concerned with trying to understand God than they were with trying to understand human beings. You can read more about this school of Hasidism here.

How often I have quoted this teaching, holding it as a guiding balance between our being both supremely insignificant and undeniably sacred. I so appreciate the dual perspective, the recognition that we inhabit contradictions and do not have to take sides about ourselves, nor must we diminish or inflate our importance on this pale blue dot. We are quite simply here to try to understand ourselves and each other.

Write these truths on two slips of paper. Take them with you, no matter what your faith tradition, or lack of one. You are dust. The world was created for you alone.

6 thoughts on “Two Slips

  1. bella says:

    I love this, the two sides of the same coin.
    We are all unique and all one. I am dust. the world was created for me alone.


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