Ready Set Go

How quickly Pearl picked up on the fact that one word and one word only meant go, and that word was “GO!”

How beautifully they created their game without assistance, guidance, instruction, coaching, help or hovering.

How sweet the crunch of the apple, the pair, the speed, the sisterhood, the understanding, the exuberance, the ready set go.

How it made me wonder, what stops me from flying this free. And how freeing to be the witness, the watcher, the recorder.

These are the words, when I finally sleep, that will run in rows behind tired eyes: Ready set go, ready set go, ready set go. Bird, camera, fish. Button, apple, mind. Panic, picnic, turtle. Click, clack, clutter. Ready set go. This that the other. Meenie miny moe, a tiger and a toe. Ready set go. What do you know? Ready set go. Bask in the glow.

9 thoughts on “Ready Set Go

  1. Jen Ballantyne says:

    I agree with Jennifer, that was just adorable. What beautiful little girls, I love how little Pearl is just so sweet natured. She never cared that she didn’t come first once, it wasn’t about that but it still touched me that she just kept going and going and laughing and loving it. So sweet too when her sister gave her a bite of her apple as soon as she wanted one. You have darling daughters there, I know you realize that but just have to acknowledge it. Just lovely. Take care Jx


  2. Shawn says:

    We JUST started this game at our house … well, it was inspired by me and I added STOP in there, too. What fun! We can do it anywhere, at anytime and we all get the giggles each time. : )

    See my video today.


  3. PixieDust says:

    I had to watch this clip a few times before I could tear myself away to comment – simply beautiful…


    (((HUGS))) to all of you!


  4. pERiWinKle says:

    Oh they are gorgeous!!! My first thoughts were how comfortable they are just to Go! Without thinking of it…without thinking of doing anything else…

    i love where you run with them!!!! ahhh…reminds me of my mom!

    Your girls are beautiful!!! Funny how daddy is working in the background, not even bothered with them on your marks! get set! go!

    Gorgeous! xx



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