Go to Eleven

haiku on my mind
soothing to count syllables
so simplifying

I feel like stopping
everyone I see today
to ask, how are you?

my ears are open
I hear freakouts and meltdowns
each face, a story

to give selflessly
without being a martyr
this is exquisite

but to receive, oh!
comfortable in my own skin
this takes more practice

Friend, what do you need
but are afraid to ask for?
Whispers are safe here

Today Pearl slept in
Seven o’clock thank you lord
Lovely to see her

Aviva’s new find
She pulls and pop goes her thumb
Our little trickster

A mile a minute
Want to slow down together?
Come, and count with me

One two three four five
six seven eight nine
this one goes to eleven

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6 thoughts on “Go to Eleven

  1. GailNHB says:

    Jena, I discovered your blog this morning through the recommendation of Lisa Ottman. What treasures! I have read many of your posts. I have related to so many – as a mother of two here in Charlotte. So far, the piece that has resonated most with me is the one about your eight year anniversary in Burlington. To ask for what we want. To find it. To release our demanding natures. To be open to the other options. To be born again in our own lives. Beautiful, so very beautiful. Thank you.

    What do I need but am afraid to ask for? Two mornings in a row to sleep late. To not get the children up for school. To sleep until my mind, body, and spirit are ready to arise.

    I also need to give myself permission to rest, to slow down. What I don’t know is why I am so afraid to ask and grant myself permission to be more fully myself???

    Thank you for your wise words, poems, confessions, questions, and also for the description of Sabbath at your house. May we all come to know Sabbath rest in our homes and in our hearts.


  2. Phyllis Sommer says:

    there is something so soothing in the haiku, isn’t there? i sometimes think i could write every post within its orderly confines.



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