Love Yourself

Bicycle wheels turning. Aviva on the back of a tag-along, looking fragile and strong, open-air aliveness.

Midnight Pearl. Flailing. All instinct and reaction. What feels good, what doesn’t. No censors. Pure presence.

River rush. How far have I come on the measureless journey?

You can do this. Whatever you’re holding today, let it hold you:

The sad drop-off, the curt goodbye. The things you meant to say but buried in the field, like bones. Fear of success or of failure, of change or inertia, fear of judgment or of hopelessness, of wanting or of letting go – whatever it is today, let it go. Let it hold you. Let yourself be loved. Be love. Love yourself.

Like picking wildflowers with a child, you can do this. With compassion. With a little patience. A little tenderness, a little reverence. That’s all it takes.

Pushing hands or open palms. Reach for me. I’m here.

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8 thoughts on “Love Yourself

  1. Karen says:

    Oh and if only I could love myself, I would forget myself altogether, and then what fullness wouldn’t I own? Just saying it makes me smile.


  2. the Uprising Crew says:

    Thankyou for this lovely way to begin my day. Really, these words made me smile and feel ever so deeply the depth of love and compassion both within myself and for myself. A perfect way to begin “Mamas day home”.
    May your day be just as blessed.


  3. Jennifer/The Word Cellar says:

    I’m so intrigued with your writing lately. It feels like there is a definite (and yet ethereal) shift going on with your style.



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