No stopping me

If you gave yourself ten minutes to write like mad, without censoring, without stopping, typing or longhand no matter, what would you write? The thing is, you have no idea what you would write, because like so many things, this is not something you can precontemplate, like quitting smoking or building a boat. It requires action, which is to say, quite simply, start. Begin. Go.

I finally put the final touches on my new Strong Coaching brochure (soon to go to the printer – I’ll keep you posted). Found myself stuck on one little stretch of words, on the back, what my designer called the “call to action.” At first, she chose the words herself: “Start your journey today.” But that didn’t work for me, because you are already on your journey. Calling me, or sending me an email, and jumping in with coaching, is simply stepping up the ladder or some better analogy I’d surely come up with if I was allowing myself to edit and revise this as I go, which I’m not.

Then we tried “Be good to yourself,” which of course feels like my bottom line guiding principle. But that felt too vague, depending on who’s reading the brochure it might or might not land. I could imagine reading those words and feeling a sense of recognition with absolutely no idea HOW to be good to myself, or what to do differently, or how that looks embodied.

So then Greg came in the conference room where Michelle and I were sitting there and one thing led to another and she said, “How about ‘Ready, Set, Go!’?” and I said, “That’s funny, that’s a blog post from a while back.” But it didn’t quite work. “What are you ready for?” is where we ended up. And I love it.

Meanwhile, my ten minutes of wild not-stopping, no-censoring writing have been twice interrupted by feuding children and ringing telephones, and guess what? Time’s up, people. No time like the present. Now your turn: Go!

6 thoughts on “No stopping me

  1. bella says:

    I’m ready for this, for this writing like mad. ten minutes, one hour, the time it takes to drink one cup of coffee.
    Whatever we have. Just doing it.
    I’m happpy the brochure is almost complete! :)


  2. Shelli says:

    “What are you ready for?” That sounds perfect!!! I love it!!!

    The ten-minute writing is such a good thing. Ever since I started working on my novel in the morning for one hour, I think I’ll always stick to doing some writing, even 10 minutes, every day. It takes discipline, for sure.


  3. Shawn says:

    Funny, I’ve been revisiting the whole Morning Pages — Artist’s Way, again. I come full circle every couple years and return to this idea, usually after a slump of depression.

    I’m sorry I haven’t been here for you … been tending garden at home, you know, I’m sure.

    Your call to action is brilliant. What are you ready for? I’m ready for a lot right now. And yet I’m perfectly content with (most) of what today already offers.

    Will think of you as I write like mad in the mornings for a while.


  4. Anonymous says:

    you’re amazing! i can’t wait for tomorrow. but either i am always ready or never ready…so thank you for holding me through it all.

    seriously, are YOU ready for ME? hehehehe




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