The Years Go Fast

I let you go
Yeah I watched you grow
Saw you sitting in the chair there, all alone

You learned to walk
And you learned to talk
And now you run so fast
I wish you’d run all the way back home

With your moon blue eyes my child
And these changing skies above
I still love you
And I always will

Now you’re dancing free
To a song of your own
And I’m so proud
I could bust out at the seams

You’re so beautiful
I hope you’ll always know
Know that you’ll never
be alone

And when the day arrives my child
that you feel like crying out
You can find me here
Yeah you always will
You can find me here
Yeah you always will

For Aviva on her first day of kindergarten, 9/2/08

11 thoughts on “The Years Go Fast

  1. Lil says:

    *sniffle* that was b-e-a-u-tiful jena! you know, it reminds me of that song “where are you going my little one”…not sure if even youtube has it, but it was one my mom sang to me as a little girl and i even teared up then…

    what a wonerful tribute to a special day ~ go aviva!



  2. Chloe says:

    beautiful, jena! 9/2 was suha’s first day of day care… and I cried all the way home and for most of the rest of the day. you captured so beautifully that mix of pride and sorrow and joy and regret that I felt watching her make her own way without me. how can we let them go?? and how could we not? xoxoxo


  3. dhenryb says:

    I can only sigh and remember all those days of growing up of our two boys, their going outs and coming backs and leavings and now a grandson from each of them to make us happy and go through it all again…..thank you so much for opening my heart and bringing back the dearest memories I will ever have…

    Liked by 1 person


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