Ani says it so well

lately i’ve been glaring into mirrors
picking myself apart
you’d think at my age i’d of thought
of something better to do
than making insecurity into a full-time job
making insecurity into art
and i fear my life will be over
and i will have never lived unfettered
always glaring into mirrors
mad i don’t look better

but now here is this tiny baby
and they say she looks just like me
and she is smiling at me
with that present infant glee
and yes i will defend
to the ends of the earth
her perfect right to be

so i’m beginning to see some problems
with the ongoing work of my mind
and i’ve got myself a new mantra
it says: “don’t forget to have a good time”
don’t let the sellers of stuff power enough
to rob you of your grace
love is all over the place

there’s nothing wrong with your face
love is all over the place
there’s nothing wrong with your face

Thanks, Deb, my righteous babe, for sending this my way.

7 thoughts on “Ani says it so well

  1. Holly says:

    its me, tears streaming down my face, because its been so long since i’ve heard her sing, let alone seen her (other than the cover of mothering that i’ve been staring longingly at) but this speaks to me so strongly right now STRONGly and i just want to thank you, from one long-lost lover of ani d. to another.
    thanks for putting it out there for us to share.


  2. Beth P. says:

    Nothing indeed!
    And love is the stuff we are made from and return to. It is the recycling center and what is recycled.
    Thank you, dear heart–



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