Haiku Giveaway

Change is so constant

I don’t even notice it
I’m looking too hard
Back in Buffalo
Would mom and dad get divorced
Was my greatest fear
Nature is aglow
We admired it as we drove
A quick stop for gas
Can one thing save a marriage?
Prop open the door…
My old friend Susa and I are exchanging words this month, based on prompts she created for us. I’m here to spread the love. Write four haikus using some or all of these words: Change, fear, nature, communication. Share at least one of yours here by 9:00pm EST, Wednesday 10/15. I’ll enter your name in a drawing for The Haiku Anthology
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One thought on “Haiku Giveaway

  1. Beth P. says:

    Hi Susa and Jena–
    Here’s my haikus:

    fear at play
    courage contorted
    choices invited for tea

    nature of words
    sing dance dive grieve
    strategic avoidance

    that not transformed
    is transmitted infused
    change is inevitable

    highest communication
    honoring play
    dancing with shadow

    Thanks for doing this! I am going to be hosting some monthly prompts on the Virtual Tea House soon that will incorporate Jewish and Christian liturgical seasons, natural seasons, as well as the Sheng cycle of Chinese 5 element theory…I hope you both will play! I’m still developing the plan with an Episcopal priest and a Jewish friend. More later!



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