We are so alike

“We are so alike,” I wrote a few days ago. And then, today, this poem appears in my inbox. It captures an essence of being Aviva’s mama – and of being a person. Thank you, John, for knowing me so well and sending me poems like this one:


by Erin Murphy

My daughter wants to take
a framed oil painting to school,

a nude with loose breasts and a belly
ripe as the full moon. Why? Because

we’re studying frogs, she says,
and it’s a frog. I cock my head

to consider the angle of the draped arm
but can’t get past the female form.

My daughter, though, is swimming
in amphibians, bringing home

scribbled pictures of tadpoles sprouting
splayed feet. At night, she sleeps

in the bedroom I painted pink,
her shelves lined with confectionary

teapots and cups. By day, she wants
to be her brother when she grows up.

Lately, she’s morphed into
a creature who’d rather squirm free

than be held. O, how we see what we
want to see. My daughter, looking at

a nude, sees a frog for show-n-tell.
I look at her and see myself.

4 thoughts on “We are so alike

  1. Holly says:

    oh god, this was so amazing. what a treasure. i love the poem but the stopping to put in the hair band and the immediate thrust into another group of spins was the most wondrous thing i’ve seen today.


  2. alexa says:

    Two of my favorite things: aviva and george winston… (I love hearing Pearl at the end, too…so precious)
    Kisses on both of their heads from me…



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