Wandering through this world

As I continue to hang out in this creative, murky underworld of of questions and more questions – questions of ancestry and inheritance, of permanence and uncertainty, of fear and of faith, of process and product – the following passage, by Rabbi Shefa Gold, spoke right to me this morning:

Once I saw a cartoon depicting my ancestors. They’re riding their camels, leading their sheep and goats through the wilderness. The young child turns to her Dad and says, “Are we there yet?” The father is clearly irritated and it’s obvious by the look on his face, that this isn’t the first time she’s asked that question. Finally, exasperated, he leans over to her and says, “We’re nomads for God’s sake!”

And even though we live the settled life in houses, apartments, in places we call our own, still…. We are nomads. We are wandering through this world and everything is temporary. When we travel, we remember that this is true. We remember that we have only been passing through, and that we were never “in control.” When we leave the seeming safety of Home, there is an opportunity to remember that “we are nomads, for God’s sake!” We travel to encounter the world without preconceptions. We travel to meet the world as our teacher. (To continue reading, click here.)

Shabbat Shalom, everyone. May you wander right into your teacher’s arms.

Image: “with open arms” by Zimbabwe sculptor Sheena Ridley

7 thoughts on “Wandering through this world

  1. Beth P. says:

    Dear Jena–
    Boy, ain’t that the truth…we’re nomads, for God’s sake…on so many levels. Not at home until we make our pilgrimage our home.

    Thank you for this lovely piece. I’m going to use it in a post this weekend on the Virtual Tea House–how’s this for cross-pollination, about the process of Advent.

    From one nomad to another–shabbat shalom.


  2. Rowena says:

    That certainly is true. For all that I try to pin things down and make them safe and sure, I am and always will be, a nomad. We all are.

    There is no destination, there is only the journey.


  3. GailNHB says:

    I LOVE THESE TWO POSTS, Jena, this one and the one on the book waiting to be born. I am soooooo in that same place: looking at what I have written and what wants to be written, what I have lived and all that is yet to come, and figuring out what to do with it all. My husband is convinced that I will write a book that will allow him to quit his job. I say, “Not so fast, dude.”

    And the combination of the many words I have written with a new conception and understanding of the Christian faith I grew up in and am now living with my children, within myself, and in the larger community and world… sooooooo much with you on so many levels.

    Thanks so much for your emails as well, your comments, and your support. These have been challenging days, but we are making our way home… even though “we are nomads for God’s sake.”

    Great stuff here. Thank you so much.



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