Momma Zen Gratitude

One of the greatest gifts of this blog has been connecting with people I might not otherwise have found. Karen Miller, also known as Momma Zen, is one such teacher. She is a Zen priest, a writer, a wife, a mama, and a champion laundry-doer and dog-walker.

About a year ago, I took a deep breath, got over my perception/illusion that she was this amazing, distant, above-me guru, and sent her an email. Guess what? She wrote me right back. She is a real, live person, just like me and just like you. None of us is above or below, better or worse, more or less accessible. We are, at our best, here to see each other. Karen sees me, without judgment, without analysis. Her presence in my life has helped me be more present, less complicated, in my life and my work, my marriage and my parenting.

Karen’s recent post, And she said, inspired me to compile some of the pithy wisdom she has said and written and shared that echoes in my head and heart on an almost daily basis, bringing me calm amidst so much turbulence. Mind you, I might be paraphrasing a bit, but I don’t think she will mind.

Do what is in front of you when it’s in front of you. With everything you wrote today, you had better call me. If I pick up, it means I’m sitting here pounding out the poetry. Something I cannot emphasize enough: This is something you do alone but THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU DO ALONE. Attention is love. When TV time is over, do something that starts with “Let’s.” Everything is always right on time. Yours will be a story only you can tell.

In the spirit of gratitude and spreading the love, I thank you Karen. You are real life. (You know my line: What else is there?)

And to you, dear reader: Please, please give yourself the gift of Karen’s book, the only parenting book you will ever need. Then pass your tear-stained, dog-eared copy along to your best friend or sister or daughter or mother or neighbor. It will be just the right thing at the right time.

4 thoughts on “Momma Zen Gratitude

  1. Karen Maezen Miller says:

    How nice to find this waiting on my windowsill when I arrive home from, what else? walking the dog. The dog, and you, always bring me back home right on time. Thank you.


  2. Mrs. B. Roth says:

    It’s true, Karen is a miracle. Her words are gentle and powerful. My favorite idea from her is that I am my own ice cream factory; happiness is not someplace or time or other situation, I have an endless supply right here, right now. Oh, and the idea that everything is perfect, perfectly perfect here now, the way it is. I desperately need that definition of perfect in my life.


  3. She She says:

    Attention is love. When TV time is over, do something that starts with “Let’s.”

    I love this and need to remember it.

    Hope there’s healing going on at your house.



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