Island Haikus

Wild horses gallop 

seabirds squatting on their backs
A free ride – why not?
Gordo the dog sleeps
on the old abandoned couch 
by night, street by day
Lydia’s pastries
for Aviva’s breakfast, lunch
dinner if she could
Glad to be tucked in
a neighborhood here, not high 
above la gente
Erasing borders
by leaving English behind
efforts well received
Pack up for Blue Beach
I want to float out to sea
Look back and I’m gone
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One thought on “Island Haikus

  1. Beth P. says:

    Many of us could go native in a heart-beat…and never look back.

    Thanks for this–it made my heart beat a little stronger–
    Community, blue beach, locally grown food…yowsers!



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