Hello yourself

Amidst snaking to-do lists
and calls to return
pee sheets
and blood stains
bills to pay
and checkbook beckoning
schedules to keep track of
meals to plan and prepare and clean up after
marriages to maintain
(is that what it’s come to?)
and loads of laundry to wash
amidst chop chop chop
and rush rush rush
amidst go go go
and hush hush hush
amidst more is less
and less is more
between the six different errands
all on the way to the store
where is there room
to deepen the breath
to find stillness in the body
to listen for that still small voice
the one that knows
what to do
the one that knows
what to say
the one that knows
how to love
the part of you that feels
the sun on your face
instinctively turns toward the light
when is there time
to look at your partner’s eyes
without blame or disappointment
resentment or resignation
where do you find space
to connect with your kids
drill sergeant hats off
lost mittens and all
How could you possibly
let the piles sit
the dishes wait
leave the tasks incomplete
the rooms unpicked up
and instead
hello, my life
hello, children I brought into this world
hello, person I chose
lifetimes before all of this
But yes it is possible
it doesn’t take long
a few minutes even
of stopping
to do this thing we call nothing
that is of course

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12 thoughts on “Hello yourself

  1. Jane_hates_Dick says:

    So much wisdom in these words. I have been very conscientiously doing a lot more of nothing for the past month or so, and it saddens me that people think I’m slacking off, and can’t seem to grasp the importance of this “break” I’m taking.


  2. Mrs. B. Roth says:

    Such a talented writer. I love how I can read all these blogs by diverse people and still say, That’s me.” I love how we really are just one.



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