Greeting the Wind

I have fifteen minutes before my next client. Writing in this space has been eluding me lately, but I come here anyway, to practice. It ebbs and flows, sometimes in direct proportion to how much ebbing and flowing is going on in real life. These days, my attention seems to be elsewhere. I’m exploring an exciting new coaching partnership, which I will share more about as it unfolds. I am immersed in motherhood and home-ownership and marriage. I read that sentence and wonder if this is someone else’s blog. Who on earth has been writing all those reflections and poems and musings? Who has time for that? Who has the creativity or inspiration or patience or perseverance? Right then, I remember. It was me all along, checking in, showing up, saying hello.

I am sitting on so many questions right now. I can feel them poking at my butt, prompting me to stand, to stretch up out of this red chair, to reach. I lace up sneakers and greet the sun. I think constantly about the poems I’ve written these past couple of years; when will I start submitting them and what’s stopping me? I have good reasons, great excuses. I have granola bars in the oven. I have self-judgment in spades, and crocuses peeking out of barely thawed earth. Sometimes I feel behind – our kids are already six and almost three and we haven’t started saving! Other times I feel ahead – our kids are only six and almost three and we have plenty of time!

Perspective and perception are everything. Mostly, I think we are so far behind we’re ahead. We’ve made quite a nice life on this cliff edge. And when the winds pick up, it can be quite the test. Sometimes I just want to curl up with my girls, wrap myself around their bodies – when did they get so long and limber? – while Greg goes out to greet the wind. So long as we’re together.

4 thoughts on “Greeting the Wind

  1. Jane_hates_Dick says:

    Blog writing has been eluding me lately, too. So I write anyway. I write non-posts that are still posts, because they are all I have at the moment, and what I have will have to do.

    I’m glad you continue to post.


  2. She She says:

    Glad to see you here. I know exactly what you mean. I feel like I haven’t got time lately for anything except for what’s right in front of my face. I’m afraid as far as blogging is concerned, I’ve gone to ground. And I’m almost okay with that.


  3. The Other Laura says:

    This really resonated with me (I’ve been slow to post on my blog lately too).

    My attention too is all over the place.

    Thanks for mirroring a lot of what I’m feeling.

    I have a pile of poems from The Portfolio Project that I should start sorting through and submitting. Perhaps I’ll send a bunch out and then dare you to do it too!


  4. Beth P. says:

    Hi Jena-san
    Is that your Jena-van?
    I know it’s your cliff.

    I have a eurovan that’s calling to me like 60.

    Don’t forget to plant your wildflower seeds sometime in the next month…so you’ll know mo’ betta where home is…



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