It couldn’t wait

Not only was I that kid who couldn’t wait to open the presents, to this day I can’t wait for people to open gifts I gave them. I used to sneak into my parents’ room to peek in the big trunk at the foot of their bed where they kept a mystery stash of exotic-seeming gifts. I once ruined a surprise and experienced such intense remorse that I have never since tried to goad someone into telling me a secret or giving me a hint. The suspense, the waiting, the magic of the gift is always worth it.

Except when I just can’t help myself.

April is a little more than 24 hours away still, but I confess. I peeked. I have a good excuse; every month I write a poem for Evolution. This month’s theme is “nowness” and the pose of the month is urdvha danurasana, or full wheel (backbend). This month marks a full year that I’ve been writing these. Some months – just like some yoga poses – have been more challenging than others. This one just tumbled out tonight. I just couldn’t wait to share it.

May April bring you some unexpected gifts. Go ahead – open them!!


Oh, April. I’d recognize you anywhere,
your somersaults and backbends
spreading the good news all over town
like some fabulous wheel drunk on new flowers.

April, you miracle month
when the crocuses peek up, singing,
What was all the fuss? We’ve been here all along.

April, bending towards the warm wind
and zig-zagging all around like a bee
so blissed out, so blessed by winter’s end
it doesn’t know where to begin feasting.

April, breathless rolling down, down, down the hill
gleeful child covered in new grass and mud laughing.

April, who wakes before dawn to birdsong
spontaneously thankful for that spring smell
that makes you roll down the windows,
throw open the doors, wave on the other drivers
at the four-way stop that made you so cranky
back in March. Back in March!
A million marches ago when life was all struggle.

April, you month of nowness,
when everything emerges
from the dark womb, demanding a name
as if for the first time – lamb, tulip, sky.

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5 thoughts on “It couldn’t wait

  1. Cheryl says:

    Love it, Jena. I’m glad you didn’t wait. (And have I ever confessed that I *still* will peek ahead to the end of novels? Yes, it’s true!)


  2. Suganthi says:

    Loved the video of the kids, loved the poem. I sent it to a friend whose birthday is in April.

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter and Passover.




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