Surrender to sleep

What am I still doing up?
Even the kids are asleep, the cat
the pup snoring near my ear
seeming so blissful, so smart
their heartbeats slowed to a deep resting pace

but I hold on to thoughts, to mind
to trolling for cheap online treasures

surrendering is an idea
it has to seep into your bones
permeate the marrow or snake its way to dreams

and so letting go for now
of schemes and plans, of evaluation
of not-good-enough or too-much or just-so
any of this
all of this
I just let it go

Let my body know sleep as healer
salve and balm
cure for what aches
seems hopeless
scary and
let go and know
I am worthy of sleep
able to lie my body down
and like a child
invite the angels to hover
allow myself
to burrow under the covers
close my eyes
and see the images
that will guide my way

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