Stepping away from the storm to come home

The mind’s a tornado
threatening to take me down
A performer demanding constant applause
An insatiable predator on the prowl
A pack of wild monkeys set loose in town

Then I see what’s happening
Step back slowly, back away
I see that shitstorm in there
I hear the roar from a distance
and my body expands with relief
to be watching from afar

Now things get interesting
How glorious to be the observer
of the madness in there
that told me it knew the way
and yet never once kept me safe

And in the space between us now
I am actually here
listening to my own heart
trusting my own instincts
available to the wisdom I pushed away

There is nothing to be defended
Storm away, mind
Storm away, while I watch
And watch me walk
so slowly you will think I am lost, or dumb

Maybe I am dumb
Maybe, I realize as the words come,
dumb is what I want to be
A babe in the woods, curious about everything

But lost? No.
I am coming home
The door is already open so I let myself in
and know where everything is
including the bed
where I can rest this weary head
and dream.

3 thoughts on “Stepping away from the storm to come home

  1. RocketMom Cheryl says:

    i've been working on this, too, noticing what is happening in my head, and with my emotions … and then letting them be what they are without dragging me (& those around me) down.



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