French press 6:06

French press 6:06
Quiet house but not for long
Today I depart

Early father’s day
To be that close, what a gift
Dennis the Menace
Entertained the girls downstairs

The thing with haiku
Like life, you can bend the rules
Rewrite them even

Running breathlessly
Literally no breathing
I’ll breathe when I die?
Not exactly, right?

Rush, rush, hurry up
Places, people, plans, produce!
Jump off the train while you can

Land in the tall grass
Lie back, watch the cars speed by
Your ride no longer

Look at where you stand
Footing shaky or solid
Ask yourself tender questions

For once, this moment
Has arrived, I’ve been waiting
For once, some self-forgiveness

Go easy, sweet girl
Step back when you need to
You can choose your ground

Now press the coffee
Slowly, so the grounds stay down
And take that first sip
And begin again

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