Five Minute Freewrite


Five minutes.

Viva Espresso.

Spongy sky.

Have you taken a deep breath yet today?

Feeling poignant.

Smudged streetlight color.


Too full to talk about.

In and out.

This moment.

The true situation of your life.

Beyond right and wrong.

Beyond daycamp and preschool.

Beyond approval or judgment.

Wood floor.


Belly breath. Ribs open.

Heart beats.





And then.

Not even this.

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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Freewrite

  1. The Other Laura says:

    I love a five minute free write and it is the heart and soul of my writing in the summer when my son is out of school and home with me.

    Funny how those five minutes can change the color of your day, make all the difference in the world.


  2. rowena says:

    Nice. Love instapoems. There’s something so freeing about writing without the pretensions of making something great.. just five minutes of your brain and your heart and your world and your fingers.
    thump thump thump.



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