Found Art

rock_sculptureIf you are in or anywhere near Burlington
go to Perkin’s Pier
at the bottom of Maple Street

When you get to the playground
take a left

If you get to the little bridge by the train tracks
you’ve gone too far

Along the water’s edge
is a veritable museum

Dozens of rock sculptures up and down
the narrow strip of beach

The towers are untitled
No accompanying artist statement

Only the belonging
that comes with anonymity

Or maybe the towers
mark a grave, each stone an offering
to the memory of someone’s beloved

Maybe the maker
was seeking balance
or solace

I only know this:
I was running

Running from my to-do’s
running towards some silent knowing

When I saw them
at the water’s edge

Come and sit here, they told me
Come and sit

Be the art
that is found

By the time you get there
the exhibit may be gone

Make a new one

Make a new one

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6 thoughts on “Found Art

  1. GailNHB says:

    Yes, that is beautiful.
    Be the art.
    I get to be the art.
    We get to be the art.

    Thanks for sharing the wise words that those gorgeous stones called out to you.


  2. Nate Freeman says:

    Amara, Lydia and I visited the rock garden last Friday. It’s quite a beautiful mystery with paths of pebbles spiraling toward the shore leading to the stacked stones.

    However, there was a clue in the form of a small arch of stacked stones. Thea Alvin is my guess.



  3. Jena Strong says:

    That evening, the four of us went back down there together and spent about an hour exploring. It’s so much more than the balancing stones – there are sculptures made of rusty bike frames, color wheels and fireplaces, a veritable world unto itself. It had a magical, calming effect on each of us to spend that time walking around slowly, creating our own installations, and just sitting by the water’s edge.


  4. alexa says:

    just reading over your old posts as i sit with, well, nothing else to do but sit and enjoy. sigh. i love how i had the SAME experience last summer. running that path. running away from my mind. and those stones called out to me! i sat:) maybe soon i can show you my favorite place to sit down there, nestled a little bit farther, right under the awning of the bridge.
    love you



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