You’re Here Right On Time

rhymebookSo we have this game
It has no name
Sometimes it’s lame
Won’t garner fame

Just take a word
Go bird by bird
It gets absurd
I’m such a nerd

Not feeling great
Something I ate?
Keats and Yeats
Never go out of date

Hack up a lung
Now that’s no fun
My little cinnamon bun
We’ve just begun

It’s flu shot time
Hot lemon and lime
If I were a mime
I might make a dime

I’d put out my hat
Climb up to your flat
Curl up like a cat
That old welcome mat

This old balabusta
Wants to crow like a roostah
Those crumbs in the boostah?
The kind you get used ta

I know stuck’s an illusion
Distortion, contusion
No such thing as confusion
Just plain ego-bruisin’

How it’s all gonna go
That’s what I don’t know
Just let things unfold
and the streets turn to gold

Break all my own rules
Don’t try to look cool
Step away from the rhyme
You’re here, right on time

You’re here, right?

You’re here.
Right on!

You’re here, right on time.
Everything happens right on time.
In time.

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