There was a time when she breathed
in a sealed vault,
where every poem ended
on an inhale waiting to be released.
And there was a time
when walking substituted saying words,
and in the small living room
she felt like a bird of prey,
her wingspan cramped and contained.

She began to hear women everywhere
say, “I’m sorry” and “Let me explain,”
apologies and explanations
ringing false
and small,
jinglebells that should’ve been gongs.
What if you’re not sorry?
Not sorry you took the money,
not sorry you spoke your mind,
not sorry you lost track of time.

What if what you’re sorry about
isn’t sorry at all?
What of the steam you kept lidded?
What if you’re not sorry
about picking up where you left off
even if you aren’t sure where that is?
What if you are not falling apart
but coming together?

And so she stopped apologizing.
She made this her work in the world, to say:
You are not lost.
Neither are the keys to your heart,
your voice, your gut, your path.

Sometimes she forgets and gets small again,
forgets and falls victim to injustices
long past.
Then she sees your face,
jaw clenched, tears welling, heart full.
She looks into your eyes
and does not look away.
Nobody is sorry.

You leave the small room and walk out
into the field,
where you both spread your wings
to their fullest expression –
subtle or flamboyant,
breathtaking without apology,
taking up so much room
that the only thing left to do
is to soar
high above explanation,
spanning all the lives
you ever held.

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5 thoughts on “Wingspan

  1. GailNHB says:

    I LOVE this piece. I love this notion of not being sorry, of not apologizing, not getting small. No be large. Live large. Speak what you know and believe and let it be. Love this so much.


  2. Dian Reid says:

    I was just introduced to your blog by a coaching colleague of mine and am enjoying your words, your thoughts, your meanderings of both.

    I love this piece, also. How many times do we say we’re sorry when really what has just happened is exactly what was necessary to push us, push us forward into alignment with…whatever it is we’re aligning with. I like the idea of not being so quick to dismiss our actions as something to be sorry for. Thank you for this post.



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