Busting out of the perfect pantry: A guest post

In the summer of 1997, I was living back at home, working at Starbucks, and trying to figure out my life. I was also taking private boxing lessons with a trainer named Djata Bumpus. Djata came to the house once a week. I learned to wrap my hands and protect my face, to keep my feet moving, to tuck my chin, to drop my smile, to focus my attention.

I first “met” Karen Maezen Miller, Zen priest, mama, and author of the book Momma Zen, almost exactly two years ago, when our beloved dog Juke was dying. She was one of the very first connections I made through blogging, and one that has since crossed the narrow bridge into “real” life, where people hug and cry and connect and laugh and sit together.

Last June, I flew to California to participate in the inauagural Mother’s Plunge retreat, where I finally got to meet her in person and experience the simple, powerful presence of love.

Being a guest today on Karen’s blog is an honor. To continue reading, come on over to Cheerio Road!


p.s. I only have one picture of myself boxing in the driveway from that summer, but alas, no scanner. Hillary Swank will have to do!

2 thoughts on “Busting out of the perfect pantry: A guest post

  1. pixie says:

    This is a knockout post. I’m so glad to have MommaZ on feed. The pantry reference is brilliant and it reminds me of some soul work that I’ve been doing with a teacher for a number of years. I believe it’s based on the idea of the Castle as soul (Carolyn Myss?), in which the dungeon is where I’ve been sticking myself! The pantry of perfection will stick with me, for certain.
    Thanks so much for sharing.



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