Only one thing is forever, and it’s…

After Pearl’s bloody mishap on Sunday (she “kissed” a statue in Battery Park, leaving some lip behind), we had to wash her coat (and Greg’s). The blood did come out and it was pretty much as good as new (as is she, brave kid).

This morning, trailing alongside the car in the driveway, she noticed that her coat was suddenly not so clean. It was, in fact, filthy. “Mama,” she said. “You thought my coat would stay clean forever.”

“No,” I answered. “There’s only one thing I think lasts forever and that’s… well, what do you think I think it is?”

Aviva responded. “What do you think I think you think it is?”

I had to follow suit of course. “What do you think I think you think I think it is?”

“I think you think it’s love.”

Five points for the girl in the booster seat. “You know me so well,” I told her.

Pearl looked up. “What, Viva? Latkes?”

And we all burst out laughing. “Latkes are forever!”

“And farts,” V added. Obviously.


What do you think is forever?

11 thoughts on “Only one thing is forever, and it’s…

  1. Aline says:

    Great! Latkes are soooooo tasty.
    One thing that stays forever is the connection between mother and daughter. Once it is there, and both nurish this feeling of love and connection to each other, it will always be there no matter the distance.
    Another thing that also stays is the memory of smells from your childhood. If you encounter them again, you are right back there when you first encountered the smell.
    Thank you for the post!
    Aline – Points of You


  2. Kelly says:

    I was thinking of the mother/child bond as well. And I guess specifically the mother/daughter bond because that’s all I know. My mom and I still have a special relationship. My girls and I have a special relationship.

    And I like to believe in love being forever.


  3. mb says:

    what isn’t forever? things change, but they always are filled with the space of nothingness.

    can you make latkes? because if you can, the next tome you visit i envision a slow sunday morning with coffee and jena behind the burners frying up some latkes. yum.

    love you


  4. Sue says:

    I think the spark is forever – the presence that is in each living being – that which makes you you. Maybe it can simply be called soul. It takes leave of our bodies when we die, and what remains seems a used husk, gray, dry, unmoving. The spark has left the body but I feel certain it remains somehow, somewhere. Maybe between death and life it resides in a place that is love and oneness until taking a new form in a new vehicle… alive and farting again.

    Smiles and love to you.



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