Here, how big can our dance become

I want to catch you, hold you
to witness the cocoon, the molting, the emergence
to see you against the big backdrop of sky
saturated by stories, all around
people’s lives shifting like the earth itself
this one word beating in my chest
an air of disbelief
the air I’m breathing
the stolen, the thief, the lies, the longing
the wrong turn, the direction you’re headed in
that will not change without interference
the locked doors and the open hearts
and the empty hands and the dry mouths
and the bodies, supple and soft, of your babes
and the body’s unspeakable betrayals

watching all of these scenes
unfold around me
without choreography or orchestration
what holds us in
from a life of simple chaos
spinning out from that center
what keeps us from
giving up
throwing up our hands
or lashing out in anguish and anger
what thing is faith that wakes in the morning
squinting at the light?

Here, there are no answers
only the dissonance of flowers in a vase in one country
and rubble in another
only the fierce protection of one woman for another
Here is what keeps us together
knowing that in the end
(as if we would know it was the end)
we will hold each other and each other’s children
without needing words or even common language

How big can our dance become
made more luminous against the darkening night

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3 thoughts on “Here, how big can our dance become

  1. Emme says:

    Oh Jena, you have no idea how much I needed to hear these words tonight. I’m swimming in inner change, and the fear that the changes I’ll have to make on the outside to make the inside and outside match will just be too much to ask. I really do wish you were here.



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