Bad Days and Bake Sales

Like most of us, the unfolding scenes of loss in Haiti are weighing on me. I’ve been on an ebb this week, a bit spent, a bit murky. I’ve been trying to just be with it, move through it, pay attention, respond appropriately, but yesterday morning, I suddenly felt determined to do something. Greg and the girls and I talked a little about bake sales and such before school.

Then I proceeded with my life of relative luxury (coaching clients, a routine trip to the dentist, a trip to the consignment shop to drop off two bags of clothes, a phone call with a friend, a stop at City Market, cleaning up spilled milk, literally, editing an essay Greg had drafted for the Burlington Free Press). Doing: the antidote to to inertia.

Later in the afternoon, I finally dragged myself to the Y to exercise, something I’ve been assiduously avoiding the past few days despite “knowing” it will do me absolutely nothing but good. My ipod seemed to pick up on my mood, and I climbed stairs to nowhere to a soundtrack of melancholy.

We sat around the dinner table last night eating one of those no-cook meals (veggie burgers and freezer french fries), doing the math to figure out how many batches of cookies we’d need to try to raise $100 for Haiti. We brainstormed places to hold a bake sale and then voted with our heads down while Aviva counted hands in the air. (Maybe Massachusetts should’ve tried this method?) We agreed on a location and proceeded to make a list of sixteen families we can ask to bake. (Sixteen times 25 cookies @ $.25 per cookie = $100. Is this what homeschooling would be like?) My homework is to call the mall downtown today to find out if we can set up shop in the entrance on Saturday. I will keep you posted and hopefully be asking you to get involved in you’re local.

Then we played Bananagrams (“poop-splat-anus-tadpole-wonderful-aviva-elevator”), and I went to bed with Pearl, stumbling into my own bed around 10:00.

A “bad” day here is still pretty damn ordinary.

5 thoughts on “Bad Days and Bake Sales

  1. GailNHB says:

    Love the bake sale idea. Do keep us updated as to how it all goes. Glad to hear that you are getting the kids involved as well as the grown ups.

    Yes, there is something we all can do to avoid combat inertia. Yes, indeed.



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