trust women

trust women
because we know when to push
and we know when to pause

trust women
because suspicion and division are not options
when there’s so much burning at the stake

trust women
because every day is the first day
every birth the first birth
every victory the first victory
the salvation of laughter
inseparable from the battles we wage

trust women
because our memories are as long
as the dusky shadows our children chase in the park

trust women
because our bodies contain the dna
of foresight and afterthought and all of the moments

trust women
because our friendships form such a tight weave
you’ll be safe against the bracing chill

trust women
because women know when to fight
and when to fold
and when to write a love letter to a terrorist

trust women
join us or move aside
for we have a revolution to tend to
for we are the fire stokers
and the water bearers
and the soothsayers
and the truth tellers.


in celebration of the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and with thanks to Alexa for telling me about the fifth annual NARAL Blog for Choice Day.

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4 thoughts on “trust women

  1. mb says:

    all this is so on my mind today. trust. trust woman. trust that we know how to travel and gather all we need in the cosmic records of everything and bring it back home to push that baby out and make a killer pot of soup and harvest a weed that will save our baby from the croup.

    peace on earth.




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