“Freely! Daily! With wild abandon!”

Gratitude to Patti Digh for this fabulous piece.

Do take a few minutes to read it,

especially if you have kids and even if you don’t.

After a morning where Aviva was furious

(at me)

that “everyone” has vests and sandals but her

(“It’s not fair!”),

stood alone in the middle of the sidewalk

screaming as Pearl and I walked ahead,

ran past us

(“That’s not what moms do!”),

nearly got run over,

cried by a tree when I told her to wait before crossing

(“Nobody understands me!”),

realized she forgot her glasses,

buried her face in her backpack on the bench,

ate oatmeal on the city bus,



then swung Pearl with me the rest of the way to school,

Patti’s words reminded me

of the parent I want to be

and the person she already is.

5 thoughts on ““Freely! Daily! With wild abandon!”

  1. Beth Patterson says:

    ‘She is not me’–I can so clearly remember when that hit me about D. It changed everything. And the sun came up.

    Love this piece, Jena. You’re doing such a wonderful job with these 2. And they with you.



  2. GailNHB says:

    I REALLY, REALLY needed to read your piece and Patti’s piece today. On so many levels. With regard to my kids (and homeschooling and medication and body image and tennis and expectations) and my husband (and finances and working from home and television and conversation and sex and the lack thereof) and myself (see above parentheses and multiply by 75).

    Such collective wisdom in your words and in hers.
    Such timely wisdom.

    Thank you, dear Jena, thank you.



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