Ah yes, this fence. I know it well.

Ah yes, this fence. I know it well.
It is also known as
the verge,
the brink,
the threshold.

This fence and I,
we go way back.

It is also known as
holding pattern,
and small.

I just call it “eddy.”

This fence,
oh this fence.
How I rush at it,
a child with no self-consciousness,
nothing to prove,
nothing to hide,
pure, unbridled impulse.

Picket-white or cutting wire,
no difference.
A fence is a fence.

Duck under it
and run free.
Climb over it
and see what’s beyond.
Lean against it
and chat with a neighbor.

Call it an excuse,
or a weapon
a statement
or a shield.
Say it’s a boundary,
or a place with a view
of a wrecked city
or a rolling meadow
or someone else’s hidden life.

This fence, this fence.
I know it well.
I stand here telling the same story
over and over,
of moving forward
and pulling back,
of ready, then reluctant,
of exposed to the world,
then safe in my own yard,
my own little zone.

In and out.
Up and over.
Over and across.
Under and through.
This fence was made for walking
along, trailing a hand,
picking forget-me-nots.

Let it be an invitation,
a steady presence, a place to place
my hand
as I go to see
where the fence ends
and life keeps beginning.

What does your fence look like? What are you standing on the verge of – or hiding behind?

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4 thoughts on “Ah yes, this fence. I know it well.

  1. janice says:

    I found a gateway in my fence and I’m ready, so ready, to move through it. “CEO-land” awaits beyond. Let’s set a date in June to start the next phase of coaching.



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