What Jews Do

One of the things about Judaism that has always spoken to me is that it is a faith of action, meaning we don’t necessarily wait for inspiration to strike or some deep faith to well up in us in order to act. Instead, the doing is the vehicle that the faith itself rides in on.

It is not about the world to come (although there is that), nor about dogma or persuasion. It is about here and now. How we show up. How we treat ourselves and each other and the generations before us and the ones to come. How we gather shards of light in order to repair a broken world. How we cope with pain through laughter, ritual and community.

So this morning, I’ve been thinking about what Jews actually do (this Jew, anyway). Here’s some of what I’ve come up with, drawing on posts from over the past three or so years:

What Jews Do:

Tell stories.

Ask questions.

Wrestle with God

Name the living

Look for teachers

Honor the sound and the fury

Claim our place in the circle.

Find perspective and gratitude through blessings.

Mourn and remember the dead

Wander through this world

Inhabit contradictions.

Show up and let in the love.


What do you do, Jewish or otherwise, that gives shape and meaning to how you live?

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