when the coming together
and the falling apart are the same
when there is no box
to think outside of
when making love is the only way
to know the true body
the true love
the true sound
of no sound
of knowing
depths beyond any ocean floor or ceiling sky
when peace comes
grief comes
loss and gain are the same
transcending all of this
when washing someone’s back in the shower
is the most loving act
and your own a voice is a satellite spinning
taking up the whole sky
bigger than you ever thought
and as big as you’ve always known

This is when
you wake
you rise
you stretch
you sit
you write
you listen
you wash
you open
you glisten
you know
you know
you love
this love
with or without form
beyond the confines of attachment
for lifetimes
to come

5 thoughts on “Satellite

  1. Renae C says:

    Goodness Jenna, I don’t know what pain and struggle you are facing, but it is unwinding some beautiful powerful stuff…

    May grace abound for you in this time.


  2. Mani says:

    Wow. Jena, you just captured the essence of my Brave New World. Heartbreaking and electrifying, profound, and liberating and devastating, all at the same time.



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