“Some spirit I used to know”

But there’s some spirit I used to know
That’s been drowned out by the radio

~ Arcade Fire, “7 Kettles”

In the name of turning off all the radios and listening for spirit, I am going on retreat for a few days. In the name of trusting process and having any hope of trusting myself, I am going to sit in front of a blank wall with my eyes open. In the name of love for myself and those closest to me, I am going to rest.

And in the name of gratitude for the generosity that surrounds me, I offer this blessing:

If your radio is on, may the sounds you hear bring inspiration, rhythm, and release. If you aren’t sure of your footing, may you find a way to stand still. If you are still standing on a cliff-edge, may you sit down and see the view clearly. If you are spinning, may you settle. If you are afraid, may you know that you are held. Spirit never sleeps.

7 thoughts on ““Some spirit I used to know”

  1. Rachel says:

    I am working, ever diligently, on sitting down and seeing the view clearly and allowing myself the comfort/warmth of being held. Thanks, Jena.



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