“You bless my soul”

So apparently it’s Gillian Welch week around here. I don’t plan these things. Really.

But yesterday I received an email from Sue at Hero Dragon, and when I asked her permission to share some of her words, she said yes. I also realized that today is my half-birthday, and our exchange was an unexpected gift.

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you. I enjoy reading your words and being able to feel connected to you through them. And thank you for posting the Gillian Welch video…

Then she shared a link to another song, “Elvis Presley Blues,” one that

… summons feelings of gratitude for Elvis and the way he was boldly, beautifully (mostly), inspiringly present in the world. The line, “It blessed my soul” slays me. It makes me want to tell you that your presence blesses my soul too.

Bless my soul, indeed. Sometimes the words, the connections, the love that lands in my inbox slays me.

I love what you wrote, “letting my own heart, my own breath be the pallet where I find rest.” The necessity of self-nourishment is reflected in the physical functioning of the heart – it feeds itself rich, oxygenated blood before sending it to other parts of the body. May we nurture ourselves well…

May we nurture ourselves well.
May we nurture ourselves well.

One thought on ““You bless my soul”

  1. Jeanette LeBlanc says:

    Looks like Mary and I may be coming to Vermont to shoot a wedding on the weekend of September 12th. I know the B&B is an hour from Burlington, but not sure in which direction. Would love to see you :)



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