This Girl

This girl
inspires pushes reminds poses
self-possesses sings draws creates
shows and spectacles

This girl dreams big

She watches the same movies
over and over and over
writes politely and from the heart

This girl googles the address
doubles the postage
puts herself out there
then optimistically waits
for a response (or at least a head shot)

This girl has got the bug
Princess Anna with eleven lines, Mama!

And there she goes again
moving her bedroom furniture around
arranging her desk neatly
a familiar trail of discarded clothes in her wake
spray-painted seedpods hanging from clothespins
and just yesterday
she chopped down a fifteen-foot sunflower
in the children’s garden
at the community farm
with a pair of dull scissors
and sheer determination
’cause ain’t no mama
ain’t nobody gonna tell this girl
it can’t be done

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