lyrics, lowercase

Every now and then, some mystery person’s google search leads me back to an old post that feels new all over again, like this one from seven months ago. Today, searches for “lyrics love your life” and “love your life lyrics” landed at least four people here. Makes me wonder what kind of song they’re working on. Makes me want to sit down at the piano to put these words to a melody. Maybe I’ll call up my sister with her guitar and ask her to come visit so that we can do just that… Ris, whaddya say?

you’re feeling doubtful
down and out
wondering what
it’s all about
wandering deaf
and bumping blind
all alone
one of a kind
you know you’re not
you’re not alone
but still you feel like
a heavy stone

in a room
where it’s so quiet
can you say
you just won’t buy it
this steady hum
of isolation
comes in waves
of desolation
don’t make sense
don’t have a reason
and with your bounty
it feels like treason

you know you’re not
you’re not alone
but still you feel like
a heavy stone

do you need release
someone to hold you
would it help to cry
let arms enfold you
will this moment pass
if you hold it lightly
just ride it out
don’t grip too tightly
you feel alone
lost and confused
you may feel pity
or self-abused

just wait it out love
press hands to heart
and wait for morning
for a new start
just sleep till morning
and trust

feeling very much like a teenager writing words like these, but sometimes it’s best to keep it lowercase, to write from the heart, to set it to music or burn it at the altar of believing in change, believing in love, believing in moving through even the times when you feel lost, small, or doubtful.


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7 thoughts on “lyrics, lowercase

  1. mb says:

    i just hear the piano playing with this.

    love you.

    small doubtful time….i can feel the green buds of new life growing from your soul.

    love you


  2. Janice says:

    seems like i keep hearing this the past day or two: get some sleep, you’ll feel better in the morning….hang in there sister. here if you need to lean on someone



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