“Cosmic Rhythms”

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): If you have been in tune with the cosmic rhythms these past ten months, you’ve been erecting bridges like a master builder. Your careful planning and guidance have conquered an abyss or two. Seemingly irreconcilable differences are no longer irreconcilable. Unlikely connections have bloomed. You’ve combined ingredients that no one thought could be blended. Between now and your birthday, your good work should reach a climax. It’s time to inspect your craftsmanship, polish any rough edges, and be sure that your creations will last.

There were the covered bridges and the narrow ones, and the ones I didn’t jump from.

There were the abysses, the crevasses, the cracks, the yawning chasms, the layers and the liminal spaces. The big, big dreams and the little plagues.

There were the crossings and the irreconcilable differences and the fragile bloom of unlikely connections.

There was good work and there were cosmic rhythms beyond anything visible to the naked eye, describable only through the language of poetry.

There was the careful planning that didn’t look like planning – or careful – at all. Man plans and God laughs, indeed.

And now? No doubt there are rough edges; I am no engineer, people. But this horoscope served as a welcome reminder to step back, to take in what I’ve been attuning to during the last ten months, and then to step in, bravely, to keep moving through fear into the white space and the big mess of real life.

And as for a climax? I can only imagine. Thankfully, I still have a few months till my birthday to inspect my craftsmanship…

3 thoughts on ““Cosmic Rhythms”

  1. Beth Patterson says:

    The best bridges have quite a measure of sway in them. So when you’re inspecting, make sure there’s sway-ability, sashay-abilities, built in.

    You make my heart smile. That’s all there is to it.


  2. Janice says:

    My god this guy is good! I’m putting the finishing touches on my bridge-over-cavernous-abyss. Thanks for helping me build it while working on your own. See you on the other side :-)



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