been on a train / ain’t never gonna be the same

all over this world
trouble and despair
wailing night, mornings cold
wondering where your children have gone,
your children have gone

I’ve been on a train
and ain’t never gonna be the same
nothing left to say but

I seen the eyes of men
broken open
women dark and deep and strong
comfort not for long
not for long

New neighbor here lost a son
drowned, sixteen, in the lake
thirty years ago
beautiful eyes in her seventies now
to think she survived
see her shoveling her driveway
for her great-grandchildren’s arrival

Sorrow all over this town
fathers lost or forgotten, hospitalized
traumatized, fighting for their lives
this month alone

Today when I spoke to my father
he had been painting the fence
“Slow going,” he said
“Love you, Dad” I said

Stepping away from the stories
opinions unhooking
free now to see what is
call confusion its name
no fear

Talking to you
All the same story no story
is true
all stories are comforters keeping us warm
covering our naked bodies

It will get clearer, they all told me
repeat these words believe them or not
not not
you might not don’t have to just
breathe again
let it out
you are capable of breathing
so breathe
of loving so love

So love
maybe I’ve lived the day to see this cry become
eagle height
swoop prey soar knowing
we are alive
to life, to life, l’chaim
l’chaim l’chaim to life

cry yes and
feel snowflakes on cheeks
thank God for this
one wild and precious life

where you called yourself
beloved on the earth

open broken not dead not dying
but being

born born born born born born

like the bells of some old cathedral
ringing their way
into a dream
until finally you open

(click through to youtube to watch)

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