walk into the house
drop bags to floor
knees chest chin

is it caffeine that keeps me
jacked up got it going on
all the live long day

has there ever been balance
between on and off
between in and out

crash and burn overdrive
social or alone

there’s a difference though
between falling into the chasm
of old stories

and simply learning
how to take care of oneself
myself, actually

thought the gym a good idea
or getting the next size jeans
after a skinny summer

but after eight hours at work
you’d think I would know
that I need down time

yoga or a run
and that’s when I’m not running
to pick up my girls

so okay Jena, you learn
as you go, each day
gentle now, take it easy

and just take in the quiet
honoring the separateness
the border between

moving and stopping
retired and rescued
with no one to please

and no race to win

2 thoughts on “greyhound

  1. skippyjonjones says:

    Oh. Yeah.

    And I will quote back to you some of the wisest words I’ve ever heard ~ that came from your very own lips….

    “Because when we don’t take care of ourselves…well, we don’t take care of ourselves.”

    In the midst of my blind tendency to over-do and not protect myself, I still cling to that truth.




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